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The intention of this intranet software comparison study is to give interested people like intranet managers, communication people an orientation on what software solutions are available for a company's modern intranet.

The study considers software which primarily supports employees in their cooperation and communication in teams, communities or networks as well as the corporate communication for informing and having conversations with the company's people. This involves software , which is not specialized in specific business processes or tasks.

The use in the context of extranets is not considered as vital at this point although more and more companies need to collaborate with stakeholders like vendors, customers and other business partners.


Instead of explicitly evaluating functions of an intranet solutions the study's approach is to list criteria and to note if the respective solution has this functions. It is not the intention to judge if the solution does well with this function.

Information about the intranet solutions is mainly based on vendors' contributions and influenced by the vendor. It may include marketing messaging.

When possible respective screenshots or screencast will give an impression of how a solutions implements a function. It's upon the reader to decide if they think it's well done or not.

Contact us if you are an intranet solution vendor

We need more, reliable and regularly updated info about intranet solutions. There is no better way than get this from the vendors themselves. If you know a vendor or if you work for one, please tell them to contact us. We are happy to offer their info and give them room to present their solution here. Filling out the contact form below is all it takes as a first step:

Fill out my online form.

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