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Intrexx - Your Digital Workplace

Enable your employees to digitally access all information, data and processes regardless of where they are. Data from all implemented software systems (e.g. ERP, CRM, BI etc.) are brought together on a central platform. This not only makes information and applications available but also promotes cross-location collaboration and knowledge exchange. A variety of business processes can be automated, simplified and modelled in web applications.

Videos about Intrexx and Intrexx Share


Intrexx Share (social intranet and network version)

Intrexx Share Tutorials


VendorUnited Planet GmbH
HeadquartersFreiburg, Germany
Number of employees90
Foundation year1998

United Planet is a pioneer for “out of the box” enterprise portals. The company has been on the market since 1998 and with over 4,800 customers and more than a million users, it is considered to be one of the market leaders in the sectors covering small and medium sized undertakings, public administration and organizations (e.g. hospitals). See more information



United Planet offers driffent pricing models for lease, on-premise and special access for non-customer users.

The additional Intrexx Software Service Contract includes following benefits:

  • Unlimited support tickets
  • Current update versions
  • Unlimited testing of all United Planet applications and connectors
  • Comprehensive test portal
  • Development portal for creating your own apps

Please feel free to contect United Planet for further information: Telephon: +49 761 20703 0 E-Mail: info (at)



On-premise(tick)Intrexx online help
Cloud(tick)Intrexx online help
Marketplace / app store(tick)

More information available at

As a web-based software construction kit, Intrexx provides everything you need for setting up and operating an effective enterprise portal. The Intrexx Portal Manager forms the foundation on which the various modules are built.

The individual components are finely tuned to one another. User data, which is already available or comes from third-party systems such as SAP, IBM or Microsoft SharePoint, can be integrated effortlessly.

At a glance

CommunicationMatchScreens/ VideosNotes
Activity stream(green star) Intrexx Share is an Intrexx application for a social workplace network within companies, which promotes the communication and collaboration across departments, locations and specialised applications.
Audio/video embedding(thumbs up)  
Blogging/news(green star)  
IP phoning(error)   
Messaging(green star)Available with Intrexx Share or Chat application.
Microblogging(green star)  
Status message(green star) Available with Intrexx Share.
Subscriptions(green star) Available with Intrexx Share.
Video communication(green star) Available with 3rd party tools like BigBlueButton.

Interaction & communityMatchNotes
Bookmark collections(thumbs up) 
Business organisation and org charts(green star)Available with Intrexx Share
Comment communication(green star) Available with Intrexx Share
Comment documents(green star) Available with Intrexx Share. Comments are generated in database, not in the document
Communities(green star) 
Discover people(green star)Available with Intrexx Share
Guests(thumbs up) 
Profiles of objects(green star) 
Profiles of persons(tick) 

Organisational communicationMatchScreens/
Approval procedures(tick)  
Hierarchical navigation(thumbs up)  
Multilingual content(tick)  
Time-controlled publishing(tick)  

(tick)Built-inAs priced, needs no or little configuration (like checking some boxes, adding entries to lists) (v)
(thumbs up)Built-in, with configurationAs priced, needs some or extensive configuration (maybe even scripting)
(green star)Additional or 3rd party solutionAvailable (e.g. at marketplace, add-in) by vendor or as 3rd party solution. Configuration may be needed, additional costs are possible
(error)Not availableNot part of the solution or as additional plugged-in solution, although developing and implementing an additional solution may be possible (for example via API)

(cells with no symbol provided mean that this point hasn't been reviewed so far or that no information available so far)

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