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LINCHPIN is most often deployed behind the firewall as an on-premise installation although the vendor offers cloud hosting too. LINCHPIN is based on the java-based Confluence from Atlassian which offers a marketplace. LINCHPIN runs on any server operating system (Windows, Linux, UNIX, ...) and supports MySQL, Oracle, PostreSQL, Microsoft SQL Servers for databases.




Marketplace / app store(tick)

LINCHPIN may be installed on premise or may be hosted in the cloud (Amazon, Google, Rackspace, ...) or by it's vendor //SEIBERT/MEDIA as high availability system (incl. clustering).

Export of data is possible in XML format as well as PDF or HTML. Additionally 3rd party plugins offer the opportunity to export as customized packages (e.g. as handbook).

LINCHPIN is based on the team collaboration software Confluence. Major releases occur between every one to two years (Confluence release notes). According to LINCHPIN's vendor //SEIBERT/MEDIA they will provide their intranet technology updates soon after Atlassian releases a new version. The plugins are "Atlassian verified" which includes a 14-day period for current software version after every major update from Atlassian. Migration efforts from one version to the nexts is normally quite low (approx. from 1 to 5 days incl. testing).

Atlassian currentliy changes Confluence's API from XML-RPC and SOAP to REST.

System requirements

LINCHPIN is based on Confluence. Hence LINCHPIN uses Java as runtime environment and has the same requirements for supported platforms as Confluence

Operating system:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux

Application server:

  • Apache Tomcat


  • MySQL
  • Oracle 12c
  • PostreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Linchpin Intranet is a product developed by //SEIBERT/MEDIA. For more information please visit the //SEIBERT/MEDIA website.

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