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MyHub Intranet

MyHub is a cloud-based intranet solution that provides businesses with a range of powerful business tools via their own secure customizable intranet site. It’s simple to configure, easily managed, requires no IT experience and works on mobile devices, all for a low monthly subscription fee.

You can build an intranet quickly and easily with MyHub’s cloud-based solution. Whether you are looking for an intranet for small business or a corporate we cater for all company sizes. MyHub is a low-cost solution that provides an out of the box intranet with a range of powerful business tools designed improve internal communications and employee engagement.

"Free 14 Day Trial" and "Free Demo".

Product features our customer love include the following:

  • Cloud Based – simple online registration, no software to download
  • Simple To Setup – simple setup process
  • Simple User Management – easy to add and manage users
  • Site Permissions – role / team based permissions
  • Add Pages – easily add new pages and sub pages
  • Add Modules – select from a wide range of business intranet features
  • Customise the look and feel – change the layout, logo and colour
  • Site and Security – Secure login through SSL
  • Go Mobile – access your intranet using mobile devices

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VendorMyHub Intranet
HeadquartersAuckland, New Zealand
Area served 
Number of employees 
Foundation year2001


Pricing is $99 per month for unlimited users and unlimited data storage. You can purchase an annual subcription for $1010  that will give you 15% discount. If you are a Not For Profit organisation monthly discounts are available upon request. There are no maintenance or support fees as these are all included within the price. Click here for more information on MyHub pricing.


MyHub is a completely cloud-based intranet solution.

Cloud(tick)Simple online registration, no need to download and manage software, no need for IT support (see video below on architecture page for more information).
Marketplace / app store(error) 

At a glance

Activity stream(tick)Myhub comes with two types of activity streams, user specific accessible via user profile pages and company wide via a module that can be drag n dropped onto any custom page that you create.
Audio/video embedding(tick)Easily embed video within your intranet pages to make your content more interesting and increase employee engagement. (see video on page "Communication")

Communicate company or team news easily using the MyHub news/blogging module. You can also send newsletters out containing the posts. (see video on page "Communication")

IP phoning(error) 
Microblogging(tick)Embedding of all of the common social feeds is easy, examples are provided in default site template when you sign up for a trial.
Status message(error) 
Subscriptions(tick)The activity wall module displays activity by all users that you follow keeping users up to date on all important content changes that they need to be aware of.
Video communication(error) 

Commenting and communicating on files(tick)Easily drag an drop the comments module onto any page allowing collaboration between user on many different types of content. (see video on page "Documents")
Creating PDF files(error) 
Document sharing(tick)MyHub comes with a comprehensive document exchange for uploading and sharing files across any organization. Granular permissions can be applied at user and role levels. (see video on page "Documents")
Document versioning(error) 
Document workflow(error) 
Drive/File sync(error) 
Live concurrent editing of files(error) 
Spreadsheets(tick)Embedding of Google Sheets is a common solution for this employed by many MyHub customers.
Text editing(tick)Embedding of Google Docs is a common solution for this employed by many MyHub customers.

Ease of useMatchNotes
Administration by user(tick)MyHub's approach to permissions is incredibly flexible. For example you can even control who has edit rights down to a module level on individual pages. (see video on page "Ease of use")
Archiving content by user(error) 
Editorial search results(error) 
Fully responsive(tick)MyHub's frontend is fully mobile responsive for all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
Incremental search(tick) When a user starts to type in the search box, the closest matching entries are automatically displayed in a drop-down list that changes as you type.
Inline editing(error) 
Inline view of documents(tick)Various thumbnail previews are provided for certain files within the document exchange.
Intranet keyboard shortcuts(error) 
Link preview(error) 
Message center(tick)Each user has a notification area where they can see updates such as who is following them. This in conjunction with the activity wall meets this criteria.
Mobile app(error) 
Mobile web(tick)MyHub's frontend is fully mobile responsive for all mobile, tablet and desktop users.
Personalisation(tick)Granular permission can be applied at a page and business tool level. The navigation menus also change based on users permission. (see video on page "Ease of use")
Recently viewed pages(error) 
Search(tick)Full-text search is provided and results are displayed based on permission levels.

Documents in documents(error) 
Drag & drop in the editor(tick)Available in some areas of the solution, where it is not the default Windows or MAc Explorer window insert file approach is used.
Editorial layouts(tick)Multiple column layout options are available within each page allowing the creation of different pages and layouts to match your content or business function requirements. (see video on page "Editor")
Editor keyword shortcuts(error) 
Extendable Editor(error) 
Preview of documents in editorial content(error) 
Reliable platform independent editing(tick)All of MyHub's administration, management and editing functionality are designed and tested to work in all of the commonly used desktop browser versions.
Rich support for Tables(tick)Embedding of Google Sheets is a common solution for this employed by many customers.
Rich text editing(tick)MyHub has a built-in text editor that does not require the understanding of source code. It has been built predominantly for use by non-technical business users. (see video on page "Editor")

Interaction & communityMatchNotes
Bookmark collections(error) 
Business organisation and org charts(error)A comprehensive and easy to use organisational chart solution is on the product roadmap, this is due out within the first half of 2017.
Comment communication(tick)You can easily drag n drop the commenting module onto blog posts or any page to achieve this. (see video on page "Interaction & community")
Comment documents(tick) Easily drag n drop the commenting module onto any area of any page, you can also subscribe down to file level. (see video on page "Interaction & community")
Communities(tick)MyHub comes right off-the-shelf with a comprehensive discussion forum. Permissions can be assigned down to individual project or interest group or sub-forum level. (see video on page "Interaction & community")
Discover people(error) 
Guests(tick)Participation is usually driven via the activity wall inviting users to subscribe to forum posts or view and collaborate on a page or area of content updates.
Profiles of objects(tick)MyHub navigation menu and pages are provided in such a way that it is simple to setup individual spaces for multiple purposes.
Profiles of persons(tick)User profiles are accessible via a central staff directory. You can even label the staff directory columns to fit your organization needs. (see video on page "Interaction & community")

Office & collaborationMatchNotes
Calendar(tick)One of the business tool available is a calendar module that can be placed on any page.
Events(tick)This calendar module can easily be used as team calendar or for company events. (see video on page "Office & collaboration")
Ideas(tick)There are multiple ways of achieving this either by using the comments module or for more complex tasks the drag n drop form builder could be used.

Online conferencing

Personal task management(error) 
Photo galleries(tick)MyHub has a comprensive banner gallery module that can link to photos, pages or files. The inserting of images into pages is also very straightforward.
Polls(tick)The survey module allows users with the right permissions to easily create simple surveys and drag n drop them onto pages.
Sharing with externals(tick)Permissions can be set down to page and module level allowing guests to view or edit content. (see video on page "Office & collaboration")
Spaces(tick)As permissions can be set at a granular level it is easy to set up different areas on the site for different organizational units. Many global companies requiring regional team pages use MyHub. (see video on page "Office & collaboration")
Task management for teams(error) 
Wiki(tick)Each text and image display module has it's own change history for quick and easy rollbacks.

Legend of symbols

(tick)Built-inAs priced, needs no or little configuration (like checking some boxes, adding entries to lists) (v)
(thumbs up)Built-in, with configurationAs priced, needs some or extensive configuration (maybe even scripting)
(green star)Additional or 3rd party solutionAvailable (e.g. at marketplace, add-in) by vendor or as 3rd party solution. Configuration may be needed, additional costs are possible
(error)Not availableNot part of the solution or as additional plugged-in solution, although developing and implementing an additional solution may be possible (for example via API)

(cells with no symbol provided mean that this point hasn't been reviewed so far or that no information available so far)

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