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At a glance

Documents in documents(error) 
Drag & drop in the editor(tick)Available in some areas of the solution, where it is not the default Windows or MAc Explorer window insert file approach is used.
Editorial layouts(tick)Multiple column layout options are available within each page allowing the creation of different pages and layouts to match your content or business function requirements. (see video on page "Editor")
Editor keyword shortcuts(error) 
Extendable Editor(error) 
Preview of documents in editorial content(error) 
Reliable platform independent editing(tick)All of MyHub's administration, management and editing functionality are designed and tested to work in all of the commonly used desktop browser versions.
Rich support for Tables(tick)Embedding of Google Sheets is a common solution for this employed by many customers.
Rich text editing(tick)MyHub has a built-in text editor that does not require the understanding of source code. It has been built predominantly for use by non-technical business users. (see video on page "Editor")

Editorial layouts

See "Customised CMS Intranet Pages"

Additional Notes

A preview of the editing tools available can be seen the "Easy to Manage Cloud Intranet Software" video.

(tick)Built-inAs priced, needs no or little configuration (like checking some boxes, adding entries to lists) (v)
(thumbs up)Built-in, with configurationAs priced, needs some or extensive configuration (maybe even scripting)
(green star)Additional or 3rd party solutionAvailable (e.g. at marketplace, add-in) by vendor or as 3rd party solution. Configuration may be needed, additional costs are possible
(error)Not availableNot part of the solution or as additional plugged-in solution, although developing and implementing an additional solution may be possible (for example via API)

(cells with no symbol provided mean that this point hasn't been reviewed so far or that no information available so far)

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