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More and more solution providers are popping up with ready-for-use intranets based on SharePoint. There is a report from ClearBox Consulting that lists and compares 26 pre-configured intranet solutions that are based on SharePoint (December 2016).

These are the products coverd by the report:

  • Attini from Rapid Circle
  • Attollo Intranet, from Red Plane
  • Bonzai from Dynamic Owl
  • EasyShare from Easy SharePoint
  • FLEX from ICS Solutions
  • Gimmal Intranet and Portals from Gimmal
  • Go Intranet Accelerator from Habanero
  • Hadron from Cloud Two
  • Hoozin, from Hoozin
  • Injio from Webvine
  • InterChange Digital Workplace from Akumina
  • Kasama from Circle T
  • Kira from CompanyNet
  • LiveTiles SharePoint from Live Tiles
  • LS Intranet from Lizard Soft
  • Omnia from Prescio Fishbone AB
  • OneWindow Workplace from Portal Solutions
  • PortalGo! from Rhipe
  • Powell 365 from Powell Software
  • Rise from Perficient
  • Simplify from Content Formula
  • SP Intranet from SP Marketplace
  • Unily from Brightstarr
  • Valo Intranet from Blue Meteorite
  • Wizdom from Webtop
  • Work Platform Prime from Emgage

As the blog articl gives you a summary and impressions about what's happening in the SharePoint Intranet market the report delivers:

  • A quick-view summary of pros and cons
  • Price band
  • Numerous screenshots
  • Vendor background information

Most of the rating in the report is based on 8 scenarios

  • News publishing
  • Branding; look and feel
  • Two-way communication
  • Mobile access
  • Community spaces
  • Analytics
  • Transactions
  • A vendor ‘wild card’

 A comprehensive summary with impression about the SharePoint intranet solutions is available in an article at //SEIBERT/MEDIA blog:

ClearBox-Report: 26 SharePoint-Intranets von der Stange (in-a-box)

(in German, English version to follow)

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