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List of intranet solutions

 SolutionCompanyMarket assessment
1Bitrix24Bitrix, RussiaInternational
2IglooIgloo Software, Canada 
3IntelliEnterpriseadenin Technologies, USAInternational
4InteractInteract, UKInternational
5IntrexxUnited Planet, GermanyInternational
6JUST SOCIALJust Software, GermanyGermany
7MyHub IntranetMyHub Intranet, New ZealandInternational
8LINCHPIN//SEIBERT/MEDIA, GermanyInternational
9Office 365Microsoft, USAInternational
10PapyrsStunf, Netherlands 
11SharePointMicrosoft, USAInternational
12The HubPancentric, UK 
14XELOSBlueend web:applications, GermanyGermany
15Workplace by FacebookFacebook, USAInternational

Market assessment: Estimated presence of the solution based on references or by statements by the company itself

List of more intranet solutions not yet listed in detail

This is a preliminary list of additional Intranet solutions that may be considered to be reviewed at some point. Don't hesitate to comment if we should add another software to the list.

 SolutionCompanyMarket assessment
1Adobe Experience ManagerAdobe, USAInternational
2BeehiveOracle (Wikipedia), USA


3BluewikiAtos, (Wikipedia), FranceInternational
6DrupalDrupal AssociationInternational
7Exo PlatformExo PlatformInternational
8Google for WorkGoogleInternational
10IBM ConnectionsIBMInternational
13JiveJive SoftwareInternational
14Liferay Social OfficeLiferayInternational 
17OpenText Tempo SocialOpenText, CanadaInternational
19SalesforceSalesforce, USAInternational
20SAP JamSAP, GermanyInternational
21Sitrion ONESitrion, USA (formerly NewsGator)International
22SocialtextSocialtext, USAInternational
23StaffbaseEmployeeApp, Germany
24TibbrTIBCO SoftwareInternational
26Typo3TYPO3 AssociationEurope
27Viadesk Social IntranetViadeskEurope
30ZimbraZimbra (formerly Telligent)International

Market assessment: Estimated presence of the solution based on references an other statements by the company itself

Intranet solutions not considered

Some solutions were not considered (so far). The reason is that we focus on a certain scope and on the definition of an Intranet solution for our compass. We primarily want to examine solutions that support communication as well as collaboration in organisations.

 SolutionNotesCompanyMarket assessment
1CommunoteCommunication onlyCommunardoGermany
2Facebook at WorkCurrently in closed beta, supposed to be opened to public soonFacebookInternational
3IBM Notes and Domino familyFramework for collaboration and workflow developmentIBMInternational
4KanBoTaskmanagement/Collaboration/Kanban only  
5SocialCastCommunication only (Enterprise Social Network)VMWare, USAInternational
6SwabrCommunication only  
7TeamLikeSee above: Coyo  
8VANTAiOPortal softwareVANTAiOGermany
9WebEx Social von CiscoDiscontinuedCisco 
10WordpressCommunication onlyAutomatticInternational
11YammerCommunication only (or as part of Office 365)MicrosoftInternational


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