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The Hub

The Hub is an intelligent intranet software and client portal that provides businesses with a secure platform to collaborate and share information in one digital workspace - accessible anywhere, from any device.

Fully customisable and branded to your business, The Hub is a versatile intranet that is fast, flexible and easy-to-use. Our intelligent collaboration platform has a comprehensive range of features designed to make communicating and collaborating effortless. Every element can be customised to your brand, and our expert team can also develop bespoke features so that your Hub is unique to you and your business needs.With a wealth of rich content, you can empower more engaging communications with your employees and clients through a beautifully branded intranet portal that offers you the ability to create separately branded communities for your different businesses.Add news articles, polls, events, forms, surveys, images, videos, share important documents and streamline your client management processes and your work loads with our extensive array of intelligent features.

Continuously development means you receive free upgrades with the latest features at no extra cost, and our easy setup and implementation needs no IT or technical expertise. You also benefit from free technical support, secure Google-hosting and training by our award-winning London agency. See full features list.

The Hub is used by big global brands as a secure online platform to communicate and share vital information, as well as to boost employee engagement and produtivity. Our clients include Ralph Lauren, RSA Insurance and Direct Line, all of whom use the Hub to connect their staff from different offices and continents effortlessly in one digital workspace. Read Client Case Studies:

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HeadquartersLondon, UK
Area served 
Number of employees50-99
Foundation year2003


No pricing provided by vendor. Vendor:

Hub support and maintenance is free. The Hub is continually being updated with new features and functionaility being added all the time. All future upgrades to features and functionaility are free and available to all Hub users at no extra cost. Hub licenses are based per user per annum.


Marketplace / app store(error)RSS Feeds, embed external third-party HTML, as well as the ability to create bespoke solutions for the software and programmes that your business currently uses.

At a glance

CommunicationMatchScreens/ VideosNotes
Activity stream(green star)The Hub homepage displays an Activity Feed of the latest new content added to The Hub. Users can also see when other users Like/Comment on Hub content, or add themselves to an Event
Audio/video embedding(tick) The Hub has a WYSIWYG publishers that allows you to quickly and easily upload and embed video galleries onto a Hub page in just a few clicks.
Blogging/News(tick) News articles can be added and edited within The Hub's 'News' feature. All News can be categorised and tagged. Users can be given permission to add/edit/publish news articles.
IP phoning(error)  
Messaging(tick) You can message an individual user's inbox, start a group chat with a live thread, or broadcast an email to all or a selection of your Hub users.
Microblogging(green star) You can embed a Twitter feed within The Hub.
Status message(error)  
Subscriptions(green star) Users can set up Alerts to receive emails when content is adding that they are interested in. Users select tags/categores ot topics they want to receive Alerts for, then set frequency of Alerts.
Video communication(error)  

Commenting and communicating on files(tick)Users can comment/like page content, news articles, image galleries, events on The Hub. Task Manager allows users to manage workloads, assign tasks to other users & share/comment on files
Creating PDF files(error) 
Document sharing(tick)Documents cans be attached, shared and downloaded. View who has viewed the documents and how many times. Documents can be updated and overwritten.
Document versioning(error) 
Document workflow(tick)Task Manager has a workflow for assigning tasks, uploading documents, and timeframing how long tasks will take so that you can prioritse and manage workload effectively.
Drive/File sync(error) 
Live concurrent editing of files(error)The Hub prevents users from overwriting/editing content when another user is currently editing it.
Presentations(green star)You can embed presentations (i.e. Google Slides or MS Powerpoint) directly withon a Hub page, allowing users to view your presentation, as well as offering fullscreen views.
Text editing(error) 

Ease of useMatchNotes
Administration by user(tick)User Permissions allows you to set up a wide range of completely bespoke access levels. Users can be read-only, be limited to certain features/functionality, or have restricted viewing access.
Archiving content by user(tick)Hub content is archived after a year but this can be extended easily. Users can run reports to see what is due to or has been archived, and will receive alerts prior to the content expiring.
Editorial search results(error) 
Fully responsive(error) 
Incremental search(error) 
Inline editing(error)

Editing content is done through a WYSIWYG editor, easily accessible for users within the Hub with the permission to edit page content.

Inline view of documents(tick)You can view online or download a document.
Intranet keyboard shortcuts(error) 
Link preview(error) 
Message center(green star)Each user has their own Dashboard where messages, tasks and recent activity is displayed. There is also a Whats New container on the homepage displaying updated and new page content
Mobile app(error) 
Mobile web(green star) 
Permalinks(green star) 
Personalisation(tick)The Hub is fully customisable with branding, features, and content. Your Hub can be easily branded to match your business and you can setup different branding/content for separate individuals/Groups
Recently viewed pages(error) 
Search(tick)The Hub has full search facilities across all content, including contacts, tags, keywords, news, events, forms, document attachments and categories

Autocomplete(green star)Search bar will autocomplete with search terms that you have inputted before.
Documents in documents(error) 
Drag & drop in the editor(error) 
Editorial layouts(green star)All Hub pages have a WYSIWYG pulisher where users (with editting abilities) can add tables to create column/row layouts to meet their needs.
Editor keyword shortcuts(tick)The WYSIWYG web publisher has the standard keyboard shortcuts for editing text, i.e. underlining, bolding, etc.
Extendable Editor(tick)Within The Hub's webpages, you can embed videos, image galleries, polls, surveys, forms, organograms, contact profile previews, assessments, allowing for a wealth of rich content.
Preview of documents in editorial content(green star)Users have the ability to view documents in a browser window without having to download the file, although they also have the option to download if they wish.
Reliable platform independent editing(tick) 
Rich support for Tables(tick)Tables can be easily added to pages within the Hub and edited easily, where you can fully custmise the table/column/row width and height to suit your needs.
Rich text editing(tick)The Hub's WYSIWYG publisher provides non-tech-savvy users with easy to use functionality to create rich content. The source code is accessible if users wish to edit the code or embed iframes.

Interaction & communityMatchNotes
Bookmark collections(error) 
Business organisation and org charts(green star)The Hub's Contact Directory displays users' contact details, position, company, line manager & who reports to them. Organograms show department structures and 'who reports who' hierarchy
Comment communication(tick)Users can comment on pages, news articles, events within the Hub. This feature can be turned on/off as required.
Comment documents(error) 
Communities(tick)The Hub has a wealth of community features including private/public groups, message boards, as well as the ability to create compeltely separate Hub environments for different departments/groups
Discover people(green star)The Hub has a Contact Directory where users can not only add contact info and profile photos, but also list hobbies, expertise, interests and skills, plus send messages to each other via Hub or email
Guests(green star) 
Profiles of objects(tick) 
Profiles of persons(tick)Within the Contact Directory provides a central location for all user information. Users can edit and update their own profiles, super admins have the ability to edit all user profiles.

Office & collaborationMatchNotes
Events(tick)There is an Events section where users can add/view upcoming events. Users can select whether they are 'Attending' / 'Not Attending' / Might Attend', as well as add to their Outlook/Google calendar.
Ideas(green star)Forms can be added to homepage or pages of the Hub where users can input ideas / feedback, or any other comments/question they may have. All forms are custom made by our users.

Online conferencing

Personal task management(tick)The Hub's Task Manager allows users to manage their workload, assign tasks to other users, track their progress and put time against particular tasks.
Photo galleries(tick)Create custom image galleries and embed them within pages of The Hub.
Polls(tick)Create customised polls and display the results as bar or pie charts. Ask a question and embed the poll within the homepage of the Hub or on a page.
Sharing with externals(green star) 
Spaces(green star) 
Task management for teams(green star)The Hub has its own Task Manager facility where staff can assign tasks to individuals within a group, upload documents and put time against work to track progress.

Organisational communicationMatchNotes
Approval procedures(tick)Only users with the correct permissions can edit pages. News articles need to be approved before they can eb published, and users can be setup to have their posts approved before they go live.
Hierarchical navigation(green star) 
Multilingual content(green star) 
Time-controlled publishing(error) 

Legend of symbols

(tick)Built-inAs priced, needs no or little configuration (like checking some boxes, adding entries to lists) (v)
(thumbs up)Built-in, with configurationAs priced, needs some or extensive configuration (maybe even scripting)
(green star)Additional or 3rd party solutionAvailable (e.g. at marketplace, add-in) by vendor or as 3rd party solution. Configuration may be needed, additional costs are possible
(error)Not availableNot part of the solution or as additional plugged-in solution, although developing and implementing an additional solution may be possible (for example via API)

(cells with no symbol provided mean that this point hasn't been reviewed so far or that no information available so far)

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