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Description of solution

Workplace by Facebook is a solution derived from the social network Facebook. It is a social network solution aimed for use within enterprises (although users don't need to have an enterprise mail account, everybody can be invited by administrator).

Look and feel of Workplace by Facebook is very similar to the public social network Facebook so it's vers easy for coworkers to join and start.



HeadquartersMenlo Park, California, United States
Area servedWorldwide
Number of employeesapprox. 16,000
Foundation year2004
Revenue$18 billion (2015)


Workplace by Facebook is offered as a subscription based service only. on a annual or monthly commitment base. Pricing is based on monthly active users: $3 per user for the first 1,000 active users, $2 per user for the next 9,000 active users, $1 for each additional active user.



Workplace by Facebook is offered as a cloud-only solution.


Marketplace / app store(error)It is possible to write Custom Integrations with Graph API.



Generally all administration is done via frontend or setting pages accessible via frontend. For core system administration users designated as "System Administrator" (see Security) have a link for "Company Dashboard on the header of all pages:

The dashboard has 9 entries: Setup, Reporting, People, Groups, Reported Posts, Administrators, Integrations, Settings and Authentication.


At a glance

CommunicationMatchScreens / VideosNotes
Activity stream(tick)All activities like status message, notes comments etc. appear in a central timeline. Groups have their own timeline (called "discussion".
Audio/video embedding(tick)Fotos and videos can be uploaded. After the update has been posted the audio/video instantly appears embedded. Popular
Blogging/News(tick)Workplace by Facebook does not differentiate between status message, blogging, microblogging and news. WYSIWYG-formatting is not possible. That said, you may use Markdown to format posts. Additionally, Workplace by Facebook offer "Facebook Notes" where basic WYSIWYG-formating is possible.
IP phoning(tick)Mobile app "Work Chat" provides phoning and video calls (as well as just sending a voice message).
Messaging(tick)Messaging is called "Work Chat". On mobile devices coworkers have to install a separate app "Work Chat" (see Google for Android app Work Chat):
Microblogging(tick)Workplace by Facebook does not differentiate between status message, blogging, microblogging and news. WYSIWYG-formatting is not possible. That said, you may use Markdown to format posts.
Status message(tick)Workplace by Facebook does not differentiate between status message, blogging and news.
Subscriptions(tick)In Workplace by Facebook you "follow" coworkers so their activities appear in your activity stream ("timeline"). Similar to that posts in groups that you joined appear in your timeline, too. You may stay in a group but unfollow it so no postings of that group appear in your timeline. Configuration is possible to have highlights, all or none notifications in your notification center.
Video communication(tick) Mobile app "Work Chat" provides phoning and video calls.

DocumentsMatchScreens / VideosNotes
Commenting and communicating on files(tick) After uploading a file users may comment, like and share the respective post. When uploading a common file type like PDF or Word, Facebook generates pictures of each page so users may comment, like and share directly every single page picture. (see image preview ; see Word file: )
Creating PDF files(error) Not available.
Document sharing(tick)Sharing of each file is possible to a group, the user's timeline, in an event or in a personal message to other users.
Document versioning(tick)It is possible to add a new version to every file. Afterwords users see a version count and can open the version history. Each version has its own post so commenting, previewing, liking etc. is possible for each version independently.
Document workflow(error) Not available.
Drive/File sync(error) Not available.
Live concurrent editing of files(error) Not available.
Presentations(error) Not available.
Spreadsheets(error) Not available.
Text editing(tick)Similar to personal "Notes" (which is like a blog post with some limited format options) it is possible to create a "Doc". Docs may be enabled to be edited by members of the same group. Concurrent editing is not possible.


Ease of useMatchScreens / VideosNotes
Archiving content by user(tick)Group archiving is supported. Content is supposed to be relevant and to be found by source, location and date.
Administration by user(tick)

Groups are created by users themselves. Group creators are automatically the group's aministrator. Administrators may promote other group members to administrators or moderators (see "What is the difference between an admin and a moderator in a group?")

Generally all administration is done via frontend or setting pages accessible via frontend. So admistrators promote users to neccessary roles (see Security: System Administrator, Content Moderator, Account Manager, Analyst).

Editorial search results(error)



Not available.
Fully responsive(error)

Pages aren't responsive. So for example changing a browser's window leads to horizontal scroll bars.

That said, opening the same page in a browser on a smartphone correctly displays the page's content (although omitting some additional content like recomended groups). It looks like Workplace by Facebook delivers pages depending on recognized devices and not on screen sizes.

Incremental search(tick)Workplace by Facebook offers incremental search with results grouped in categories like groups, contacts.
Inline editing(tick)Editing of posts is available via context menu. The current content field changes to edit the content.
Inline view of documents(error) Not available
Intranet keyboard shortcuts(error) Workplace by Facebook does not provide any keyboard shortcuts.
Link preview(tick)
When posted:
Workplace by Facebook provides layered popup previews for internal links. Links pointing to another domain are not previewed this way. When having links in a post the first one gets a preview image under the post.
Message center(tick)

Notifications are available on all pages. Additionnally there is a dedicated notification page.

Notifications may be configured appropriately for workplace, e-mail and mobile.

Mobile app(tick)Mobile apps are available for all platforms.
Mobile web(tick)

Pages aren't responsiveit looks like Workplace by Facebook delivers pages depending on recognized devices. Mobile web looks more as the mobile app than as in a desktop's browser.

Permalinks(tick)Every item/object has a unique ID that is part of it's URL. So even when the object's name changes the object will be found via an old URL because of the contained ID.
Personalisation(error)The main concept of Workplace by Facebook is that of groups. So every user sees the posts and content of groups she has the appropriate rights. There is no concept of creating targeted news that ony certain user groups will see. Personal posts can only be set to visible for the whole organisation or only for yourself.
Recently viewed pages(error) Not available.

Workplace by Facebook has a fast and reliable search. Results may be filtered by source (e.g. by yourself, by a group), location and date.

EditorMatchScreens /
Autocomplete(tick)When beginning a word with '@' Workplace by Facebook suggests applicable users, locations and groups.
Autoconvert(tick)When having Vimeo, Slideshare or Youtube links in a post the first one gets a preview image under the post. Embedding a video or a Slideshare presentation is not possible.
Documents in documents(error) Not available as the editor is a simple text editor that only supports basic markdown at some point.
Drag & drop in the editor(error)  
Editorial layouts(error)  
Editor keyword shortcuts(error)  
Extendable Editor(error)  
Preview of documents in editorial content(error)  
Reliable platform independent editing(tick)Editing posts works seemingly on all platform.
Rich support for Tables(error) Workplace by Facebook does not support any tables.
Rich text editing(error) Markdown only.

Interaction & communityMatchScreens /
Bookmark collections(tick)It is possible to save every post privately to a list. Users are able to open their list that groups their saved posts in differend categories like those with links, with photos etc.
Business organisation and org charts(error)It is possible for every coworker to edit some fields in her "About" section like Position, Department and Manager. There is no possibility to have a (generated org chart) or to see how the organisation looks like. It ain't even possible to look vor all coworkers that have entered the same position, department or manager.
Comment communication(tick)  It is possible to comment every post, page etc. (and even comments)
Comment documents(tick) 

Communities are called "Groups" in Workplace by Facebook. Every coworker can create groups. Groups are "open" (anyone can join or be invited), "closed" (anyone can ask to join or be invided) or "secret" (anyone can join, but they have to be added/invited by a member). See "What are the privacy options for groups?". Workplace by Facebook offeres a directory of suggested groups, the groups you're member of and all groups:

Discover people(tick)Basicly it is possible to discover people because of their postings or their groups memberships. But it is not possible to find people because of shared interests, locations or even managers. One main feature of normal Facebook ist to see what interests others have. On Workplace by Facebook members/coworkers don't even have the possibility to enter theire interests.
Guests(tick)With Multi-Company groups it is possible to only invite members from any company (see below).
Profiles of objects(error) Besides a description and a header picture objects can't be attributed additional meta information.
Profiles of persons(tick)Every member of Workplace by Faceook has a personal profile. It is very similar to those profiles known from Facebook. Only limited emphasis has been made to interests and member's company/department information.

Office & collaborationMatchScreens / VideosNotes
Annotations(error)  Workplace by Facebook does not have pages. Workplace by Facebook has only posts and notes, where you only can comment but not make annotations.

Online conferencing

Personal task management(error)  
Photo galleries(tick)  
Polls are available for announcement groups with limited options and attributes. It is only possible to have one question in one poll with only textual answers (e.g. no limitation to numbers or true/false).
Sharing with externals(error) Althoug it is possible to invite guests to groups, it is not possible to share pages, documents etc. to externals (especially not for editing purposes).
Spaces(tick) Workplace by Facebook uses the concept of Groups, which is similar but a very restricted concept for collaboration. See Interaction & Community
Task management for teams(error) Basic implementation. Extensive configuration possible. Best JIRA integration available.
Wiki(error) Not available

Organisational communicationMatchScreens / VideosNotes
Approval procedures(tick)Workplace by Facebook has a limited editorial workflow. Group settings may limit all posts to be approved by an admin or a moderator. For events it is only possible to restrict approvals to admins:
Hierarchical navigation(error)Workplace by Facebook has no hierarchical navigation. Below a general section in the left sidebar (e.g. Work Chat, Groups, Events) users may have a section of self favorited items (like groups). Below favorites all groups are grouped to their respective group type.
Multilingual content(error) 

Not available.

Note: Users may individually decide to post in multiple languages:

Time-controlled publishing(error) Not available.

Legend of symbols

(tick)Built-inAs priced, needs no or little configuration (like checking some boxes, adding entries to lists) (v)
(thumbs up)Built-in, with configurationAs priced, needs some or extensive configuration (maybe even scripting)
(green star)Additional or 3rd party solutionAvailable (e.g. at marketplace, add-in) by vendor or as 3rd party solution. Configuration may be needed, additional costs are possible
(error)Not availableNot part of the solution or as additional plugged-in solution, although developing and implementing an additional solution may be possible (for example via API)

(cells with no symbol provided mean that this point hasn't been reviewed so far or that no information available so far)



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