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Searching for a corporate intranet solution?

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Intranet Compass provides an overview of software that supports companies and their employees in communication and cooperation. This involves software (or equivalent products, for example cloud-based software ) which is not specialized in specific business processes or tasks and used within organisations. The use in the context of Extranets is not considered at this point.

The software should support traditional Intranet software focused on top-down driven dissemination of information ("intranet 1.0") as well as  network-like communication and collaboration ("intranet 2.0"). See Intranet - Definition and Focus.

The intranet compass introduces a series of software based on criteria in categories like

  • Architecture (e.g. system requirements)
  • Communication
  • Documents
  • Ease of use
  • Editor
  • Interaction & community
  • Office & collaboration
  • Organisational communication
  • Pricing

The intranet compass this happening as a continuous process ("work in process"): based a gradual expansion takes place on first criteria and a few selected software solutions. By successive publications of subtotals and summaries, the intranet compass gradually becomes the Central transfer point for intranet software.


The focus is on an application-specific and business-oriented consideration rather than a pure preparation of checklists. This means that there are textual explanations, as well as a corresponding illustrations and selected screencasts to illustrate the software and the criteria.


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