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At a glance

Legend of symbols

(tick)Built-inAs priced, needs no or little configuration (like checking some boxes, adding entries to lists) (v)
(thumbs up)Built-in, with configurationAs priced, needs some or extensive configuration (maybe even scripting)
(green star)Additional or 3rd party solutionAvailable (e.g. at marketplace, add-in) by vendor or as 3rd party solution. Configuration may be needed, additional costs are possible
(error)Not availableNot part of the solution or as additional plugged-in solution, although developing and implementing an additional solution may be possible (for example via API)

(cells with no symbol provided mean that this point hasn't been reviewed so far or that no information available so far)

Additional Notes

Additional classic forum functionality is available via 3rd party plugins.



Quick overview of profiles in Linchpin

Use Case:Edit profile information




Use Case: Upload a profile picture in LINCHPIN

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