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Intranet software is software used within an enterprise within the own company network for

  • Dissemination of information,
  • Communication and
  • Collaboration.

The software should support both the traditional Intranet function as mainly defined as top-down driven dissemination of information ("intranet 1.0") as well as bottom-up and network-like communication and collaboration ("intranet 2.0"):

  • Intranet 1.0, i.e. "official publications" by the company or by organizational units
  • Intranet 2.0 as a social intranet or Web 2.0 in the enterprise to Exchange and cooperation (including task-oriented work)

A top-down intranet focuses on the official communication of the organization as well as their organizational units ("organizational communication"). A bottom-up intranet ("intranet 2.0") provides networked communications and collaboration regardless of position or hierarchy level of the participants.

The partial use of the intranet as extranet (for example to cooperate or to exchange with customers, suppliers) is not within the main scope of Intranet Compass but some criteria may considered it however.

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