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The "Intranet Compass" is supposed to become a central point of information for users from companies that are looking for a directory of available intranet solutions with basic comparison options. We realized it's quite time-consuming and sometimes very difficult to collect all information only by product websites and brochures, it's even mor time-consuming using some no-cost accounts to explore a solution.

As the project is still in its infancy we would be very happy if vendors would join our effort and provide us with information about their solution.

If you are a vendor of an intranet solution (that maybe or not is on our software overview) we really would appreciate your support!

  • Just drop us a note with the form below with your contact information.
  • We will send you a mail with some additional information including a link to a Google Table (as of now) to fill in the criteria we compiled for intranet solutions (Criteria).
  • For most criteria you can also enter notes and links (e.g. links to product videos or images).
  • For each category, there is a larger text field. Links to product information are welcome ;-)
  • Just send us a short notice when you have completed it.
  • You may proceed at any time later and add/change information (e.g. after a new release) and send us a short notice again.
  • We will enter your information on our website.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions or points you would like to have information about.

Best regards,


Fill out my online form.

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