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At a glance

Interaction & communityMatchNotes
Bookmark collections(error) 
Business organisation and org charts(error)A comprehensive and easy to use organisational chart solution is on the product roadmap, this is due out within the first half of 2017.
Comment communication(tick)You can easily drag n drop the commenting module onto blog posts or any page to achieve this. (see video on page "Interaction & community")
Comment documents(tick) Easily drag n drop the commenting module onto any area of any page, you can also subscribe down to file level. (see video on page "Interaction & community")
Communities(tick)MyHub comes right off-the-shelf with a comprehensive discussion forum. Permissions can be assigned down to individual project or interest group or sub-forum level. (see video on page "Interaction & community")
Discover people(error) 
Guests(tick)Participation is usually driven via the activity wall inviting users to subscribe to forum posts or view and collaborate on a page or area of content updates.
Profiles of objects(tick)MyHub navigation menu and pages are provided in such a way that it is simple to setup individual spaces for multiple purposes.
Profiles of persons(tick)User profiles are accessible via a central staff directory. You can even label the staff directory columns to fit your organization needs. (see video on page "Interaction & community")

Comment communication & documents, Communities

See "Intranet Collaboration"

Profiles of persons

See "Social Intranet"

(tick)Built-inAs priced, needs no or little configuration (like checking some boxes, adding entries to lists) (v)
(thumbs up)Built-in, with configurationAs priced, needs some or extensive configuration (maybe even scripting)
(green star)Additional or 3rd party solutionAvailable (e.g. at marketplace, add-in) by vendor or as 3rd party solution. Configuration may be needed, additional costs are possible
(error)Not availableNot part of the solution or as additional plugged-in solution, although developing and implementing an additional solution may be possible (for example via API)

(cells with no symbol provided mean that this point hasn't been reviewed so far or that no information available so far)

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